About DoctorDetox 

A Medication Assisted Opioid Treatment Program

Offered on an outpatient basis, Doctor Detox provides patients with an alternative to residential and rehab center treatment programs or methadone clinics. Presently services are provided in Hillsborough County (Brandon/Tampa) and Pinellas County (Clearwater). An additional site will open in Manatee County (Bradenton) in 2019.Patients travel from throughout Florida to access the medicine assisted treatment.

The treatment plan consists of:

  • Initial visit with Doctor while individual is in early stages of withdrawl.

  • Prescription of Buprenorphine

  • Monthly wellness visit and check up with doctor

  • Therapy progress reporting

  • Drug Screens

  • Wrap around support services

Understanding that there are many factors that lead to an individual becoming addicted to opioids, Doctor Detox creates an individualized treatment plan, with support services identified for each patient through a partnership with the local non-profit organization Complete Recovery Florida.  

While some outpatient opioid treatment program require patients to maintain the level of the medicine prescribed to the patient, the goal of Doctor Detox is over a time period reduce the level of medicine being administered, to a point where the person no longer needs that form of treatment. Process and timeframe is different for each individual.

Doctor Detox (formerly known as ANew You) is a company with a 8 year proven track record of success with providing medicine assisted treatment to those struggling with opioid addiction.

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